About Us because we care!


We Care

  • Life Wise Counseling offers a unique approach to counseling.  Bill is not the typical therapist and has a plan that is warm and inviting for his clients, allowing a safe therapeutic bond to establish that is real and genuine.


Bill is experienced with many issues

  • Life Wise Counseling is dedicated to caring for the needs of individuals, couples, and families.  We see a wide range of mental health issues, including a focus on men’s and women's concerns, building better marriages, helping guide young adults and working with teens through difficult life transitions.


Your life is worth living happily

  • Supporting our community is very important to us — counseling without judgment to people from all backgrounds and life decisions. We respect the choice of personal spirituality in one's journey through life, even so, we work from proven therapeutic models, not a religious one; providing an open environment to everyone, regardless of belief.  

  • Whether it is depression, marriage problems, life transitions, emotional pain, or other problems you have been struggling with, we are confident we can help, because we care.  Whether your needs are personal counseling, couples counseling, or marriage counseling, Life Wise cares, and can help.